Avon NailWear Pro Plus Review

Today I will review Avon Nail Wear Pro Plus. I am very passionate about my nail paint, especially shades of red. I always keep my toe nails painted with my favorite shades. Recently while hunting for a good nail paint I come across Avon’s NailWear Pro Plus. The nail paint’s claim to last for 12 days attracted me. Honestly how many nail paints do you know which claim to be long lasting. I have used some nail paints which start coming off in two days. So I decided to try out Avon NailWear Pro Plus and bought 2 shades Nailwear Pro Plus Tangtastic 19532 (a crème shade) and Absinthe 19512 (a sequins shade.)

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Shades

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Shades

The Claim

Avon NailWear Pro Plus claims to last for 12 days on your nails due to an improved nail paint formula. Avon also claims (based on a survey conducted in New York) that this nail paint makes nails 80% stronger. But I am more interested in testing the 12 day long last claim.

The Test

A friend and I applied the nail paint on our finger nails and toe nails. My friend is a spoiled brat at home and does not do household chores. Poor me has to cook food and wash some utensils. So this nail paint was put under extensive testing. We tested only for the long last claim as we could not test for 80% stronger nails claim without breaking our nails.

Reviewing Avon NailWear Pro Plus

Reviewing Avon NailWear Pro Plus – My friend showing off her painted nails.

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Red in Creme

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Red in Creme

Avon NailWear Pro

Avon NailWear Pro Plus

The Result

Though I had to take off the nail paint because of a family function it lasted for a good 10 days on my toe nails without fading of chipping. Avon NailWear Pro lasted for about 9 days on my friend’s (whose long beautiful nails you can see in the pictures) finger nails without chipping or fading. This is pretty impressive. Nail paints usually starts chipping after 4-5 days.

The price is very reasonable at Rs 99 for 8ml bottle.

My Rating For Avon NailWear Pro Plus

I will give this nail paint 8 points out of 10
Will I buy it again? Yes definitely. As they say in Mumbai this is a “paisa wasool” product.
Will this be part of my daily makeup kit? Yes. Price at Rs 99 is what makes this nail paint very attractive. Does not contain any harmful chemicals. Avon is a big brand name globally and what they sell can be trusted to be of high quality.

This nail paint is available in 22 shades. 9 gorgeous crème shades, 8 gorgeous shimmer shades and 5 gorgeous sequins shades.

Recommended for those who don’t want to change nail paint on a regular basis. Even if you do kitchen and household work the nail paint will last for 5-6 days.

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Green

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Green


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