Avon VitaLuscious Lipstick

Avon VitaLuscious Lipstick is a new range from Avon. This range of glossy lipsticks contains vitamins and SPF 15. It contains Vitamin E (an antioxidant) and almond oil (which moisturizes your lips).

When it comes to lipstick, women are always looking for unparalleled brilliance with natural goodness and gorgeous color. The new VitaLuscious formula is rich in Vitamins B, C and E which revitalizes, softens and protects delicate lips. Organic almond, jojoba and lavender oil, are blended together to give you a lipstick for all seasons. The double dose of Jojoba, gentle and almond oil moisturize lips without leaving a heavy cakey feeling. Lavender oil prevents chapping and soothes the lips, providing the softness and suppleness of a balm while the silky glistening formula provides a healthy radiance.


Ultra Color Rich Vitaluscious Lipstick Enriched with Vitamins B,C & E, and moisture spheres Provides hydrations, softness & protection like a lip balm.

Contains Nourshing oils of almonds, Jajoba & Lavender.

263% improvement in lips cushion

Has SPF15

Price and Availability

Priced at Rs 399 per stick Avon VitaLuscious Lipstick can be bought from your neighbourhood Avon Lady.

Avon Vitalucious Lipstick

Avon Vitalucious Lipstick

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