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Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is probably one of the most common hair problem. Dr Poonam Bali who is a Homeopath and Cosmetologist shares home remedies for curing frizzy hair. Here is what she says in brief. For the complete talk please view the video. What Causes Frizzy Hair? Lets start by understanding what causes frizzy hair. One […]

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Curing Grey Hair – Natural and Home Remedies

Hi ladies. Grey hair is becoming quite common these days. Pollution, poor diet, pollution, stress of modern life, and urban lifestyle are reason for premature grey hair. Some time back we chatted up with Dr Poonam Bali who is a Homeopath and Skin & Hair expert on this problem. You can watch the video below […]

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Monsoon Hair Care With Divo

With the monsoon in full serge, hair seems to be in severe need for attention. Tangled, sticky and unmanageable hair is generally the case of all the heads that pass you by in this season. When it’s not raining it is humid and that doesn’t do any wonders either. What do you in situations of […]

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Fiama Di Wills Hair Care Range

Urban lifestyle takes a toll on health of our hair. Hair gets damaged due to stress, air pollution, hard water, poor hair care due to lack of time and bad diet. Hair also gets damaged due to coloring and hair treatments like hair curling. Fiama Di Wills (an ITC brand) has launched a range of […]

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Make At Home Hair Mask Recipe

Hi Ladies. Today I am going to share an easy to make hair mask recipe. This has been shared by Sonali Kadam, spa manager at Rebirth Spa. Hair masks prepared using all natural ingredients are very effective and efficient in defending hair in the hot summers. This mask improves dry hair and gives it an instant shine! […]

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Summer Hair Care Tips for Long Hairs

This article is contributed by Revlon beauty expert Shveta Bhatia. In this article Shveta shares some practical tips on summer hair care. Not protecting one’s hair from harsh summer sun is a big beauty blunder! Summer sun is harsh and if one is not careful enough to protect one’s hair it can lead to hair […]

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About VLCC Hair Spa

Good morning ladies! This article has been contributed by VLCC and talks about their Hair Spa services. We have decided to cover spas of all kinds and thought of starting with VLCC which is a leader in wellness and skin care business. Why is Hair Spa Important We abuse our hairs everyday. Ladies by way […]

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Practical Summer Hair Care Tips

Article written by Ms Sonali Kadam, Spa Manager Rebirth Spa. Moisture, sweat, and summer sun can cause hair damage. Prolonged exposure to sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to the hair from cuticle to it’s inner structure. Signs of hair damage due to sun are: Faded hair color Dry and brittle hair Split […]

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