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Summer Skin Care – Lakme Sun Expert Range

Beauty brand Lakme has launched a new sun protection range this summer. Sun Expert range from Lakme includes Skin Lightening Gel, Skin Lightening Mask, and Skin Lightening Face Wash. Lakme Summer Skin Care Range Summer harms skin more than any other season. Skin gets dark in the summer due to damage from harmful UV rays. […]

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Under Eye Wrinkles

Hi Ladies, Every time my friends from college and I sit for a tea and cookie session one topic which always crops up is wrinkles. It seems like however hard (and expensively) we try, wrinkles cannot be avoided. Eye Wrinkles Cannot be Avoided? Lets face it ladies eye wrinkles cannot be avoided. In fact eye wrinkle […]

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Skin Care Tips for Smooth Toned Legs

Good afternoon ladies! I have been thinking about writing something on skin care for your legs this summer. So I was pleasantly surprised when Ritu Makhija sent me skin care tips for smooth toned legs. So I had a “The Alchemist” moment and sat down to write this article for all the ladies who want to […]

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Summer Skin Care Tips from Simmi Ghai

Good Morning Ladies! Indian summers can be harsh on your skin. This is especially true if you need to venture out in the sun a lot. The wind, the heat, and the excessive sun exposure can harm your skin very easily. It can sap your energy, make skin look dull and lifeless. It was hot […]

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7 Natural Skin Care Tips

7 Natural Skin Care Tips for a Glowing Skin The season is changing. We are now officially done with winters and the hot summer season is round the corner. Here are seven natural skin care tips for this season:  # 1 What is your skin type this season? Skin type can change from one season to […]

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Skin Care – 7 Summer Essentials

Skin care  is very important in summers. Shahnaz Husain recommends 7 must have skin care products for summers. Sunscreen Lotion – Go for waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen lotion. SPF 20 should do. For sensitive skin, the SPF should be 30 and above. Use oil-free sunscreen if your skin is oily. Exfoliator – Use a […]

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Food for Skin

Hello Ladies, If there is one truth it is that we all age. Skin is where age shows its first signs. So how can we keep our skin smooth and soft without use of chemicals. The answer is simple – with good healthy food. Food for Smooth & Soft Skin Keep in mind that your […]

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Beauty Tips – Diet for Healthy Skin

The glow on your skin and the lusture of your hair depends on what you eat. Your skin and hair care regimen is incomplete without a proper diet plan. We received some great tips from the good folks at VLCC on diet for healthy skin which we are sharing with you. Diet for Rough Dry […]

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Skin Care Tips for Summer

Summers are here. Though it was chilly today morning. I stepped out for my morning walk without a jacket and had to come back to grab one :-). But this chilly morning will be a brief interruption in what looks to be an especially hot summers this time. So I have compiled for you wonderful […]

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Skin Care Tips for Frequent Flyers

Know What it Takes to Save Your Skin During Flights Be it for work or pleasure, travelling in flight, abroad or even domestic, is a regular event for many nowadays. Being in flight can be fun, especially if it’s your first time but besides the check-in and other things, you also need to take a […]

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