Hair Care Tips for Summers

Your ravishing mane requires extra care during summers. We all know how had Indian summers can be on our skin. But some of us do not realize that it plays havoc with our hair. Heat, dust, sweat, dehydration, etc can lead to numerous hair problems. So lets get prepared to take care of our hair during summers. I went out seeking expert advice and the wonderful folks at VLCC gave us some amazing hair care tips for summers.

Hair Care Tips from Experts at VLCC

  • Use Mild Shampoo: Irrespective of your hair type, use a mild shampoo. Mild shampoo gently cleanses hair and preserves its luster. Wash gently and thoroughly to rinse away the shampoo.
  • Use Lukewarm Water: Never use hot water. It will rob your scalp of natural oil. Do not over do washing as it will again remove protective oil from the scalp.
  • Use a Conditioner: Use a conditioner with sunscreen. This forms a protective layer and results into a longer lasting shine. If your favorite conditioner is not fortified with sunscreen then you can apply some sunscreen directly to your hair and scalp.
  • No Need to Use Dryers: Let your hair dry naturally. Put the hair dryer and steaming iron away. Excessive use of hair dryer can damage your hair so why use it unnecessarily?
  • Don’t Experiment During Summers: Coloring of hair causes dryness. Experimenting with colors during summers can cause excessive dryness. If you can avoid colors during summers then nothing like it.
  • Swim but with care: Spending time in a swimming pool can cause hair damage as the water is chlorinated. Before diving in take a shower under fresh water. This allows hair follicle to soak fresh water avoiding some harmful effects of chlorinated pool water. After the swim wash take a fresh water shower to wash away pool chemicals.
  • Wear a Hat: Grab a hat before stepping out in the sun. Use a hat made of breathable fabric like cotton. If you don’t want to wear a hat then use an umbrella.

Watch this space for more hair care tips.

Stay beautiful.

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