Make At Home Hair Mask Recipe

Hi Ladies. Today I am going to share an easy to make hair mask recipe. This has been shared by Sonali Kadam, spa manager at Rebirth Spa. Hair masks prepared using all natural ingredients are very effective and efficient in defending hair in the hot summers. This mask improves dry hair and gives it an instant shine!


Avocado 1 piece (ripe)
Honey 2 Tablespoons
Coconut oil 2 Tablespoons
Jojoba oil or Olive oil 2 Tablespoons
Shea butter – ¼ cup (melted)
Apple cider vinegar 1 Tablespoons
Egg Yolk 2
Honey 2 tablespoons
½ cup lemon juice
5 table spoons olive oil

Avocado is an excellent source for hair conditioning. Honey and shea butter in the mask moisturizes the summer dried hair very well. Coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil provide the proteins to the hair and seal the hair strands that help in reducing the split ends. To remove the dead skin cells on the scalp, apple cider vinegar is used in the mask. This hair mask is ideal for summers and is suitable for all hair types.

Egg yolks mixed with liquid honey will deep condition your hair, stimulate the roots, and sooth the scalp.

How to Apply?

Apply Mask on washed hair, to prepare the mask, Beat and mix all ingredients thoroughly so that it adds up to a homogeneous mixture. Apply it on the hair starting from the root till the shaft. Ensure the mask is well applied all over the hairs. Then grab all the hair together and wear a plastic cap over it. Let it stay like this for half an hour. After 30 minutes first rinse the hair with lukewarm water and make it free from the mask. Next just rinse it again with plain water.

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