NIVEA Repair and Beauty for healthy and beautiful lips

Every woman wants soft supple lips. The skin of lips is very thin and soft and often gets dry and chapped. Be it winters or summers you can face problem of dry lips anytime. A good lip balm can add wonders to lips. I keep searching for a lip care product that can actually work well. While this search I spotted the new NIVEA Repair and Beauty for healthy and beautiful lips.

NIVEA Repair and Beauty unites care and color in one product. The white core has a nourishing formula containing dexpanthenol, vitamin E, glycerin and Menthol. It is covered with a rosy external layer which restores natural healthy color to the lips.

NIVEA Repair N Beauty Lip care

NIVEA Repair N Beauty Lip care

New NIVEA Repair and Beauty solves both problems at the same time. It has the Innovative dual-core technology for healthy and beautiful lips In addition to protecting and conditioning the skin it also adds a touch of color to make the lips look instantly healthy and beautiful again. The stick repairs dry lips, replenishes moisture and adds a rosy glow.

When I used this product I found it pretty good. On applying a single layer my lips got a light pink shade with moisturizing properties. It remains on lips for 2-3 hours. After 3 hours it has to be applied again. The only problem I found was that on pigmented lips it formed a white cast which looks really bad.

 NIVEA Repair and Beauty Ingredients

Dexpanthenol is renowned for its calming properties and In conjunction with moisturizing glycerin, dexpanthenol binds moisture in the deeper layers of the skin so that dry and chapped lips can regenerate and turn healthy. Vitamin E is known for its anti-oxidative properties to work against free radicals and it actually helps to prevent moisture loss from the lips. Menthol is the ingredient responsible for the pleasant cooling sensation when the product is applied.

You can definitely give it a try as it is not much expensive.

Price of NIVEA Repair and Beauty


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