Summer Hair Care Tips for Long Hairs

This article is contributed by Revlon beauty expert Shveta Bhatia. In this article Shveta shares some practical tips on summer hair care.

Not protecting one’s hair from harsh summer sun is a big beauty blunder! Summer sun is harsh and if one is not careful enough to protect one’s hair it can lead to hair damage which may be permanent in nature. If you think at the end of every summer what you could have done to take care of your beautiful long hairs then read on.

During summers hairs has to protected from 3 sources of damage

  1. Harsh summer sun
  2. Dehydration
  3. Chlorine

Taking simple and easy precautions will help you enjoy the summers without regretting later. Here are some practical tips for maintaining a healthy mane this summer.

  • Tip #1: In summers hair looses moisture and should be conditioned regularly. Apply a good hair conditioner after every wash and every time you wet your hair.
  • For those who color their hair – Spray leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to protect your hair from loosing the color.
  • Choose hair accessories carefully. Pick those accessories that will not cause hair damage. Use ponytail holders without metal closures, barrettes with smooth edges etc.
  • After a swim wash hair with tap water to remove chlorine. Before stepping into the pool wet your hair and scalp under a shower for a minute or two. This makes your hair saturated with fresh water and will soak up less chlorine water.
  • Avoid using blow dryer. Allow hair to air dry.
  • Tie a scarf on windy days to avoid tangles, knots, and hair breakage.


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