Tips for Looking Good in Nude Makeup

Nude makeup has been popular for some time now. Nude makeup is a light and sheer makeup. I have seen lot of professionals sporting it these days. Nidhi Khurana is a pro makeup artist. Her studio Brush Strokes is in Greater Kailash Part 2. Nidhi has shared the following tips for looking good in nude makeup.

Nude Makeup Tips

Nude Makeup Tips – How To Look Good Wearing Nude Makeup

Two Basic Rules of Nude Makeup

Rule number 1 is to always start with a primer. Rule number 2 is to use mascara to end your makeup.

Which Shades to Choose?

Well it actually depends on your skin tone. Those with fair skin tone should use a peach undertone. It will give face a nice glow and it will look fresh and radiant. Those with medium complexion should choose pinks. It will add warmth & give a more romantic feel. Ladies with darker skin tones should choose caramels.

How to Apply Base?

Nude makeup is all about beautiful and natural effect. Always choose a foundation which goes well with natural skin tone. The foundation should not be too dark. Dark foundation will stand out against skin on neck.

Choose a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Ladies with fair skin should try shades that are very light. Those with darker skin tone should go for powder foundation. Experiment with a few shades to find the one which looks best.

Base should be applied on cheeks, bridge of nose, chin and forehead.

Next use a powder blushes, highlighters and a soft brush to contour around the hairline, across the temples and around the outer perimeter of the face.

Eye & Lips

For an ideal nude eye, choose matted colors like pink, peach or caramel. It will give your eyes very nude yet classy look. Finish your nude makeup by applying a gloss or matted lipstick.

Nude makeup is perfect for spring and summer seasons. It is light and comfortable to wear and adds class to your appearance.


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