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Honeymoon is a special period for a woman. Every one wants to look absolutely stunning and gorgeous during the honeymoon period. After all this is the time when the camera is always clicking and of course no newly web would like to compromise during this period. The latest Honeymoon collection from Kiwi by Muskaan offers a range of beautiful trendy jewelry for the newly wed packing her bags for the honeymoon.

About This Jewelry Collection

This collection has a range of choices including beaded necklaces, crystal chokers, stone carved pendants, gem stone rings, diamond bracelets and square cut bangles. If there is a honeymoon occasion then there is a jewelry in this range to compliment it.

To quote the designer of this collection Muskaan

You can pick your favorites from the collection as each piece is unique in itself with a lot of fine and intricate work done which is handcrafted. One can adorn these jewels on various occasions and with different outfits depending on your mood. Like teaming up a beads necklace with a Hawaiian maxi dress would make your evening romantic or try on the gem-stone danglers with a formal tube wear and a diamond bracelet to charm your date on a candle-light dinner. The laughing Buddha necklace would be a perfect beach wear along with a printed boat neck dress. 

The honeymoon collection includes a variety of choices and designs, made with semi precious stones. The opulent necklaces can be seen in different colors made with different materials like neon color beads , crystal stones and precious pearls The earrings category has various pieces, each with difference in crafting like shell work with studded diamonds and intricacy on gem-stones. Also, work of gold on gem stones gives a fabulous finish to the danglers.

Kiwi by Musskan Ring

Kiwi by Musskan Ring

Kiwi By Musskan - Necklace

Kiwi By Musskan – Necklace

Kiwi By Musskan - Laughing Buddha Necklace

Kiwi By Musskan – Laughing Buddha Necklace

Kiw By Musskan - Necklace & Earrings

Kiw By Musskan – Necklace & Earrings

Price & Availability

PriceOn Request 

Kiwi by Musskan Studio
A-1, Carriappa Marg
Sainik Farm
New Delhi- 110062

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