Two Not So Common Necklaces by Pallavi Foley

Hi ladies. Most of the jewelry we cover on this blog is the traditional stuff. But recently I came to know about Pallavi Foley a jewelry designer based in Bangalore. Pallavi recently launched a limited edition jewelry collection called By The Lombok Moonlight. Now this collection is really off the track. The collection is inspired by the exotic style of the South East Asian jewelry. The designs uses textures, layered forms, palm leaves and rattan. We are covering two necklaces from this range.

Design #1 Bidri Necklace

Bidri Necklace

Bidri Necklace

The Necklace and the earring are made in sterling silver and use the bidri craft like precious gemstones. Fresh water baroque pearls are symbolic of the moonlight and are set by wrapping textured silver wires on them. Materials used are sterling silver, fresh water pearls (round and baroque) and Bidri.

What is Bidri?

Bidri is a unique, cast metalware technique, made from blackened alloy of zinc and copper, inlayed with thin sheets of pure silver is exclusive to bidar karantaka, since the 14the century. The Zinc content and a paste of a very special variety of soil available only in select areas of the Bidar Fort gives the alloy a deep black colour. Due to its striking inlay artwork Bidarware has come to be an important export handicraft of India and is loved world over.

Design #2 The Organzo Curve Necklace

The Organzo Curve Necklace

The Organzo Curve Necklace

This necklace is made in 18k yellow gold, using hand crafted jewellery techniques. The look is modern, bold, couture and avant-garde.

“‘Organzo Curves’ necklace set inspired by the woman of today who’s comfortable in her own skin, loves what she does and accepts herself just the way she is. The Organza fabric from where the name is derived is much like this…It has its own crispness and a beautiful drape…” says Pallavi Foley.

The forms are inspired by nature and its beauty. The design play with layers and levels, raising questions about form, space and dimension. The ‘three-dimensionality’ and the ‘sculptural modern tone’ which are a part of the intriguing beauty of each piece of this collection, are very definitive of the designer’s style.

As the name suggests, the “Organzo Curves” are all about dramatic curves, which move along the jewelry pieces strikingly. There are spheres inside which the gold waves seem to move. The forms are modern and by a simple gold sheet which twist and turn in unexpected ways, many spectacular forms have been realized.

Pallavi Foley’s store is located at The Leela’s Bangalore.

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