VLCC Kajal Review

Kajal has always been an important part of makeup for Indian women. Likewise it has been for me. Applying kajal makes my eyes look bigger and more beautiful. The only problem I face when I apply kajal is that it gets smudged and make my eyes look black instead of big. So I often try new kajal to get the perfect one. When I heard about the VLCC kajal I decided to try it.

About the VLCC kajal

VLCC has introduced kajal, a premium quality kajal enriched with Liquorice, Camphor, Triphla & Almond oil. VLCC kajal is an innovative product which relaxes and sooths your eyes. A unique formula that does not smudge, smear or fade after application. The goodness of Almond oil, Camphor & Liquorice extracts nourishes and relaxes the eye. Triphla extracts helps in maintaining good vision.

VLCC Kajal

VLCC Kajal

My views on VLCC kajal

I found this VLCC kajal to be pretty good. This kajal had a very calm and soothing effect. Most of the kajal irritates the eye but VLCC kajal was far better. It stays for 2-3 hours. It does not smudge like the other kajal. The price of the kajal is fair enough to give it a try. If you like it then using it regularly won’t be too expensive.

The only problem I face with this kajal is that the color of kajal is not a jet black. It is somewhat dull. Another negative point is that top cover of kajal is transparent. When I use kajal the and close it the tip touches the cap and that transparent cap looks bad. Carrying the kajal then doesn’t look good. The stick of the kajal does not remain pointed after some applications and then applying it becomes difficult.

I would rate this kajal 7 out of 10. If the packing is improved and the color is made blacker, this kajal will be just the perfect one as I always wanted.

Price and Availability

Rs.150/= for 2.5 gms

available at Health & Beauty, General and Chemist stores, all across India


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