2 Nail Art Designs for Beginners by Simar’s Nail Bar

Hi guys. It has bee a long time since we posted a nail art tutorial. We are focusing big time on nail art because they turn nails from boring to amazing! We started shooting nail art about 3 weeks back with 1010 The Nail Spa. This is an amazing nail spa and the staff is very professional and trained. We love shooting here. We did 2 shots with them. You can watch by clicking the links below.

White Flower on Orange Nails
Leopard Nail Art

Our second nail art shoot was at Simar’s Nail Bar. They have 3 nail saloons – Select City Walk Mall, Central Market Punjabi Bagh, and New Friends Colony – in Delhi. We did our first shoot with Simar’s Nail Bar at their Punjabi Bagh saloon. The place is amazing and people are even more amazing. If you are at a Simar’s Nail Bar and Simar for a manicure and Simar happens to be there you will leave one friend richer. Simar is an amazing lady full of energy and life. We did 2 videos with her in our first shoot.

White Flower Nail Art
Polka Dot Nail Art

The beautiful hands belong to Simar who graciously agreed to model for us. We did more nail arts with Simar’s Nail Bar this time at their Select City Walk Mall. More about that in our next post.

Hope you liked these nail art tutorials.

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