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Dr. Neetu Saini on How To Treat Acne

How to Treat Acne Tips by Dr Neetu Saini

I wash my face twice daily, then why do I have acne? What medication should I take? Am I not taking a nutritious diet? Should I squeeze it to get away with it? These are some questions that often come to the mind of people having acne problem. Some of my friends too have trapped […]

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5 Home Remedies for Pigmentation

Hi Ladies! Natural flawless skin is loved by all. None of us want dark spots on skin. But skin pigmentation is a very common problem these days. The reason for skin hyper pigmentation can be pollution, over exposure to sun, lifestyle issues or genetic. Though it is difficult to cure a severe case of hyper pigmentation it […]

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How to apply moisturizer

Home Made Tips for Glowing Skin

A change in weather not just plays havoc on our immunity but also affects our skin health. Most of us feel that our skin becomes dull and dry. This happens mainly because of loss of moisture and inadequate replenishment of nutrients. The body needs extra nourishment from the inside to get a healthy, glowing skin […]

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Skin Care Tips for Your Age Group

Skin never stays the same. It changes depending on so many factors like age, diet, season, health (both mental and physical) etc. For this article I am picking the first variable – age. It is important to know about what special care skin needs depending on age. These skin care tips are curtsy of Dr Sangeeta Amladi […]

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Skin Care Tips for Summer

Summers are here. Though it was chilly today morning. I stepped out for my morning walk without a jacket and had to come back to grab one :-). But this chilly morning will be a brief interruption in what looks to be an especially hot summers this time. So I have compiled for you wonderful […]

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Skin Care Tips for Frequent Flyers

Know What it Takes to Save Your Skin During Flights Be it for work or pleasure, travelling in flight, abroad or even domestic, is a regular event for many nowadays. Being in flight can be fun, especially if it’s your first time but besides the check-in and other things, you also need to take a […]

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Combination Skin Care

Combination Skin Care

Do I have combination skin? if this is the question on your mind then this is the article you must read. Facial skin for majority of us is one type – Oily, normal or dry (and thank god for that!). I am not counting sensitive and acne prone skin as these are not skin types […]

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