Combination Skin Care

Do I have combination skin? if this is the question on your mind then this is the article you must read. Facial skin for majority of us is one type – Oily, normal or dry (and thank god for that!). I am not counting sensitive and acne prone skin as these are not skin types as such.

Now some of us have a combination skin. Taking care of combination skin is more challenging because one must take care of 2 skin types at the same time.

What is Combination Skin Type?

Combination skin is term used to define facial skin which has areas of both oily and dry skin. The oily parts are (normally) –

  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Chin

The oily area takes the form of letter “T” hence combination skin is also sometines referred to as “T” type skin.

Test for Combination Skin Type

As I always say before starting any skin care regime or applying makeup and for that matter before using any cosmetic product it is absolutely necessary to determine skin type. Since skin type can vary according to the season you should be aware how your skin behaves from one season to the other. I, for example have a dry skin during winters (like majority of Indian women). My skin turns slightly oily around Holi. And during summers it turns into a full blown case of COMBINATION SKIN. And since I live in Delhi which can get quite dusty during summers I take extra extra care of my skin during this season. Enough of my ramblings! Let me come back to the point – how can one identify whether the skin is combination?

The Test

First of all you don’t need consultation from an expert dermatologist to identify skin type. You can infact do it from the comfort of your home. The Steps are as under.

Wash your skin with a pH neutral facewash. Don’t have a pH neutral facewash? No problem, gently wash your face with aqua. What is aqua? Its fancy work for tap water!

Next dry your face with a soft dry towel.

Then sit infront of a well lit mirror and examine your face very carefully. Look for dry areas first. These will feel “tight” and may show signs of “flaking”. Next look for oily areas. This type of skin “shines” may have visible pores which may be clogged (blackheads or pimples).

Combination skin care is difficult and on bad days can make you cry. However products are available in the market made especially for combination skin care. These products claim to remove excess oil and dirt from oily areas of face while moisturizing dry areas.

However most successful combination skin care regimns require using more than one skin care product and is often a trial and error process. Having said that you can keep the followig in mind:

  • If you must step out in the sun use a moisturizer which has sunscreen
  • Use an acne preventing lotion at least once every day. This could be part of moisturizer you do to bed with 😉
  • Use a gentle clenser
  • Use toner only for oily areas
  • If results are not satisfying change the product and try something else.

Over the next few days I will be writing extensively on summer skin care. So watch this space.




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